10 yo Boy Scared To Tears As Cops Mistake Him for Escaped Criminal and Handcuff Him

Chicago, IL — The parents of a 10-year-old boy are demanding answers after he was detained and placed in handcuffs for no reason. The interaction was captured on video and has since sparked outrage in the community.

Police, however, are saying they “followed all of the rules and protocols” when they handcuffed the innocent little boy after mistaking him for a criminal.

According to police, they received a call that a boy in the area was carrying a gun and was also wearing blue. When the officers arrived on scene, they stopped the first boy they saw wearing blue.

The boy they were looking for had just escaped from jail, according to 10-year-old Michael Thomas Jr. However, until that moment, the very frightened Michael had never so much as talked to the police before.

Cellphone footage captured the terrified child as cops treated him like a criminal. Thomas was so scared during the incident that this poor child wet his pants.

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  1. They knew damn well this wasn’t their suspect…I don’t want no apologies let me humiliate you like this but worse…

  2. There’s a 10 year old boy on jail in Chicago? Does anyone have any information on this child?




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