Meet Dr Nina Born With Development Delays Accepted to College At Only 13 Years Old

Dr Nina an amazing girl who was born with developmental delays was nonverbal as a child, but she didn’t let that stop her with speech physical and occupational therapy she always strives to full-fill her dream of becoming a doctor.

Her dream was always to become a doctor and she has never looked back at her struggles. Nina has got more medals then you can count, Just have a look at her achievements below and she did all of this at the age of only 13.

Nina was blessed with $20,000 in merit scholarships, leaving a $13,800 need gap.  Since being accepted just a few weeks ago, Nina has been searching for and applying to every scholarship who’s deadline has not already passed. Unfortunately, almost all scholarships have a requirement of a high school transcript, Senior in HS or mininum age of 18.

She needs your help! Please let’s help Nina go college Click HERE to help Nina

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