The First Black Female Pilot Millie Bailey Marks 100 Years. Please Wish Her Well.

First Lt. Vivian C. “Millie” Bailey 

Millie Bailey grew up in the Deep South. During World War II she joined the Army. She ended up the Commander of a women’s unit. Now she lives in a Senior Apartment complex in Columbia, Howard County. It’s been a memorable journey for this accomplished Senior Citizen. 

Millie explained, “I haven’t had a paying job since 1975, but my young friends say I shouldn’t say I’m retired, just say I work without pay.”

She has volunteered in different capacities during the past few decades. She has worked with children in Howard County Schools. She has packed care packages for soldiers overseas. She has been on advisory boards from police to education

Her dream is for true equality, “I would like for everybody to see what they can do to help somebody else, like when you go to buy groceries buy some extra cans and bring it to the food bank. Yes, live every day thinking what can I do to make it a better world”.

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