Texas is one of 4 states where landlords are evicting people despite federal ban

According to ProPublica, a review of records shows landlords in Texas still move forward to evict tenants from their properties, violating the eviction ban passed by Congress in March.

As the number of jobless Americans rapidly grew amid the coronavirus pandemic, the CARES Act prohibited eviction filings for all federally backed rental units nationwide in an action to help renters who may have just became unemployed.

The CARES Act prohibits landlords from filing evictions for nonpayment of rent during the pandemic.

The CARES act also forbids landlords from charging renters additional fees, but most of the eviction filings reviewed by ProPublica show that landlords wanted late fees and legal costs from their tenants.

ProPublica found Texas is one of at least four where landlords are violating the law and still move forward to evict renters from their properties.

Landlords in Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma also continue to file evictions, with no reasonable consequence.

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