“Queen of Science Rap Goes Viral with Catchy COVID-19 “Wipe Me Down” Remix”

Raven Baxter is the voice in science that we’ve all been waiting for. She is a 26 year old molecular scientist and educator that goes by Raven the Science Maven, and uses her musical skills to communicate science. Her latest music video titled “Wipe It Down” is a how-to guide on preventing the spread of COVID-19 while using one of her many talents- mixing science and rap music to spread a message. The song is a remix of the popular rap song from 2006, “Wipe me Down” by Lil Boosie. The song showcases the practices that we need to take on for the pandemic and Raven puts her own spin on it by giving people tips on how to make it through the coronavirus outbreak.

Raven holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in cell and molecular biology and is finishing a doctorate in science education from the University at Buffalo. She’s worn many hats as a biology professor, corporate molecular scientist, and STEM administrator in higher education. Her doctoral work focuses on understanding how the media representation of scientists impacts how Black women identify with science.

What she’s found thus far is that most of the representations of scientists in the media aren’t what Black women identify with- and she’s taking action to solve this. Raven believes in being the change you want to see. Through her engaging science communication and teaching on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and now TikTok, Raven provides an unapologetic representation of Black women in science as fun and professional. You won’t have to wait long to see what’s next from Raven- she’s releasing an EP, The Protocol, on May 30th. It’s available now for preorder on her website as well as Patreon. The EP is an expression of her experience as a molecular scientist and how she came to find her identity in the field. You can hear her singles “Big Ole Geeks” and “Head Boss In Charge” on all major music platforms. Her mission is to break barriers for Black scientists and to make spaces in science culture where minorities can be their unapologetic selves- and get you DANCING!

You can follow Raven the Science Maven on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. Visit her website at www.scimaven.com.

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