Nurse In Tears After Treating Coronavirus Patients

This nurse opened up about her ‘worst shift’ yet, exposing the heartbreaking reality of health care workers fighting the pandemic

She posted the video on instagram and said :

’Today was by far the worst shape I’ve ever had. This video was taken after laying in my hotel floor for an hour crying. I think it’s important for ppl to see what we go threw when we get home. *******Update ******After 4-5hrs sleep We’re walking 8-11 miles in a 13-15hrs shift. 5–7 days a week. Only 2 water breaks. The Majority of our PPE is made out of plastic like wearing a sweat suit all day. Assignments of 10-16 patients per nurse. No help! ******This is completely unedited. And taken after the “worst shift” I’ve had since being here. Venting was actually cathartic for me. I only posted it because I feel like people should know what we’re going through here. I love my job I LOVE ❤️ what I do! I’m not LEAVING! But that doesn’t mean frontliners aren’t human and wont be emotions about this experience as well

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