LA Gangs Not Liking This: Dr. OZ Tells People To Use Red & Blue Bandanas During This Crisis

A Guide to All Los Angeles Gangs and What To Know About Each

Dr. Mehmet Oz joined “Hannity” Thursday to react to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s advisory that New Yorkers wear face coverings while outside to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

“Well, a scarf’s not going to be as good as a surgical mask and that won’t be as good as an N95 mask. But there’s a re-thinking around masks, in part because we realize that the virus doesn’t go deep in your lungs,” Oz told host Sean Hannity. “It probably inserts itself right at the very tip of your nose.

But Gangs are not happy with this Dr. Oz obviously doesn’t know red and blue bandanas on regular civilians is a no go, in the hood

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