Meet Dr. Tamara Moise and Physician Assistant, Wadson Fils. Both are two emergency room medical professionals who saw an opportunity to provide healthcare alternatives in underserved communities. They co-founded Big Apple Urgent Care, Which is the first Black-owned Urgent Care Center in Brooklyn.

Dr. Moise recalled her experience as an ER physician where many of the patients she treated had non-emergency issues. However, due to the lack of diverse healthcare providers in their area, the patients often times found their way to her emergency room, according to ShoppeBlack.

“I realized that providing community-focused, personalized care to areas as diverse as East Flatbush is sorely needed,” Dr. Moise told the outlet. She continued, “I am the daughter of Haitian immigrants, and I understand that having a doctor who looks like you and understands your culture makes the experience more comfortable.”

Support Big Apple Urgent Care, this is Black excellence at it’s finest. I want to see this company grow and expand!

The center is located at 3805 Church Avenue. To learn more about Big Apple Urgent Care, please visit

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