Meet Ramona Hood the new CEO of FedEx!

FedEx made history by making Ramona Hood, the first Black woman CEO in the company history, according to Black Enterprise.

She started working with FedEx in 1991 at just 19-years-old as a receptionist. This was back when the company was called Roberts Express. She had many jobs positions within company since. Hood worked her way up the corporate ladder and 28 years later she became CEO. This is Black girl magic!

She said she never thought she could go this far when she started working at FedEx as a teenager. “I was a young mother. I wanted a job that had a stable shift that would allow me to do college courses as appropriate. I wasn’t thinking this was going to be my career and I’d be here for 28 years,” Hood said.

Congratulations Ramona! We wish you the best!

Photo Courtesy of FedEx

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