‘I’m sorry that I gave false testimony’ That Landed Five Black Teens Behind Bars for Years

(Photo: WRAL)

Jessicah Black, a key witness who helped send five teenagers to prison for murder 18 years ago recants her testimony during a hearing before the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission.

Now Jessicah has come out and admitted that she lied about teenagers.

“I’m so sorry for what happened,” Black explained to the commission, which is tasked with reviewing the case and then determining whether the young men were falsely convicted of murder. “I am so sorry for (Jones’ family’s) loss, and I’m sorry that things went as they did … I’m just sorry.”


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  1. What a travesty. This had happened much too often. The fault of the County and State. The women who was just a teen was also a victim. They ruined these boys lives. They should be made whole by the state! Smh

  2. I agree and the persons who threatened her should also be held accountable. It was blatant racism from the victim, the police, jury and judge against the five victims convicted.

  3. the question is will she serve time for perjury she lied under oath and will the police department be held accountable for making her read false statements and prepare false statements be read

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