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Today the legendary Dana Owens, better known as Queen Latifah was born. Latifah was born in Newark, New Jersey and represented to the fullest. Every thing the Queen touched turned to gold.

She was a promising basketball player coming up but we’re all happy she chose the path of rapping. Three decades and counting the Queen is still reigning and elevating.

Do you remember when the track U.N.I.T.Y? Latifah is heard of an amazing instrumental singing “who calling a bi#tch?” still one of my favorites songs.

She gave us a few dope albums, but the queen really took off acting in classic movies like Set if off or Chicago. In set it off we all remember how good she played “Cleo”. The queen made that film an instant classic. Latifah has always been versatile.

Peace to Latifah on her born day but it wouldn’t be right unless we took it back to where it all started.

Personally I would love to hear new music from the Queen, I’m definitely here for it. (wishful thinking)

Wish Queen Latifah a happy birthday.

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