We miss you man 🇺🇸

Congratulations Mr. President on having two successful terms without a single scandal, impeachment, all while maintaining the integrity of the office, submitting to appropriate oversight, and respecting the role of the press in our democracy.

We want to give you your roses while you are still here. We love what you represent and the hope you gave us while in office. You’ve inspired Black boys and girls all over the globe. Barack Obama, you are a class act and truly exceptional. We appreciate your hard work and dedication while in office. The Obamas gave us a moment to cherish for a life time.

I truly enjoyed watching the news and see a Black family walking in and out the White house. I enjoyed the look of a Black man in office loving his beautiful Black wife and children. I remember sense of pride I wore on my face when President Obama was elected. The thrills of saying you know a Black man and office and smiling gave me such pleasure.

We miss you Barack Obama. Look at what we gotta deal with now…Peace.

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