Virginia Girl Makes Art Kits With ‘Skin-Colored’ Crayon Options

(Family photo)

Bellen Woodard is a third grader and one day she came home with a very interesting question.

She asked her mother her friends they always called the peach crayon the skin-colored crayon and she asked why?

Bellen’s mother suggested that next time she and over the brown crayon because our skin color is brown.
But then Bellen had another idea in mind.

next time her friends ask for a skin color crayon she will give them options to choose from because it could be a number of different colors they can pick from.

Bellen is only in fourth grade and shes already giving art kids that include crayons and even markers to draw many shades of the skin.

The reason Bella did this its because she said everyone will know that there’s more the one color of skin and its just the peach crayon she explained.

Her goal is to put more than peach kids in every elementary school in Loudoun county.

Tosha Woodard said that she is super proud of what she has created and hopes her daughter will inspire more kids to create something unique.

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Bella also has different inspirations on when she grows up she wants to be a scientist or an astronaut

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