‘They Gave Me Shelter’ How Denzel Washington Saved Him from Homelessness

Omari Hardwick is one of Hollywood’s biggest success stories. Featured in big-name films like Kick-Ass and For Colored Girls, Hardwick is now the lead actor on the Starz drama series Power.

As successful in his personal as in his professional, the actor married his wife Jennifer Pfautch in 2012 and they have two beautiful children. Despite all his achievements, Hardwick has been candid about his struggles over the years. In a recent interview with The Real, the actor told of how legendary actor Denzel Washington and his wife Pauletta helped him through one of the darkest moments of his life.

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During a sit down with “The Real’s” Loni Love, Hardwick speaks candidly about his hardships before making it big. As a substitute teacher and football coach, as luck would have it, Hardwick became a mentor to Denzel Washington’s son John David. From there, Hardwick was able to form a relationship with the Academy Award winner and his wife Pauletta.

“They perfectly and appropriately didn’t help me out,” 41 years old said. “They gave me shelter when I didn’t have a place to stay or whatever but they sort of allowed me to be close enough to the family so I sort of transitioned into getting an agent…the whole thing…doing all these odd jobs.”

Hardwick considered becoming a firefighter as a backup, but then turned down a full-time position when Spike Lee offered him his big break in a series titled “Sucker Free City.” Unfortunately, how a lot of Hollywood projects go, the show was never got picked up and Hardwick fell on hard times admitting to showering at a local YMCA and even living in his car.

The actor said it was Pauletta who reached out to him and paid for his car to not get repossessed and as soon as the actor got on his feet, he promptly paid the family back

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