These Twin Sisters Were Ashamed Of Their Incredible Hair, But Now They Became Famous For It

When you look at identical twins Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder, you’d never imagine they had any insecurities. With their stunning hair and features, the girls would turn heads everywhere they went.

In reality, the girls used to hate their hair. Despite its fullness, and unique style and texture, the girls began to see it as a negative.  “I was beginning to actually hate my hair and seeing it as a huge obstacle,” Cipriana said. It was something they saw as different, and different in this case felt like it wasn’t good enough for the modelling industry at the time.

As time passed, they decided to stop straightening their beautiful locks and started embracing the uniqueness of their natural hair. Life wasn’t meant to be spent trying to sit into a certain look that isn’t natural to one’s true self. What makes people beautiful is the traits that make them stand out. So the girls did just that.

Embracing their natural hair eventually led the girls to be recognized as the queens of natural hair, bringing Instagram to envy all around the world. What people admired most about the girls was not only their beautiful natural hair but the way they presented themselves. They did not let the outside world dim their beauty. They decided to shine in the best way possible, the natural way.

But the sisters aren’t just pretty faces… Along with their friend Nikisha Brunson, they’re also the girls behind the natural hair blog “Urban Bush Babes”. An Urban Bush Babe is anyone who goes beyond the labels and steps outside of the box, they are comfortable in their own skin and embrace others.

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