Meet the 8-year-old neuroscientist who teaches online from a lab in her bedroom

Amoy Antunet from Atlanta, Georgia.

Amoy Antunet, the young genius from Atlanta, Georgia has been interested in science since she was just three years old. Her father was a college student and she came across his microscope. Shortly after that, Davin Shepherd, who was 43 at the time began explaining everything he was learning during his biology classes to his daughter. His daughter, Amoy became her father’s “study buddy.”

Amoy was highly interested in science and even began experiments from a lab in her bedroom with a collection of test tubes, replica organs, microscopes, and chemicals she built for herself.

She started going viral on the internet with her day conducting experiments and giving lessons when she was just five years old.

“Donning a white lab coat, Amoy dissects mind-boggling topics including cell division, the heart, pH testing and her favorite – the brain,” the Daily Mail wrote recently.

This is when her Facebook page, Science For Children with Amoy Antunet generated over a million views.

She said making her videos because she wants to “help people understand different types of science.” Antunet also loves math and gymnastics.

“When I was a little girl I said I wanted to be a pharmacist but now I want to be a neurosurgeon who helps people with neurological disorders.

“So far I’ve mostly learnt about the heart and the brain and I want to learn about Multiple Sclerosis in the future so I can help sick people like my aunt, who has it.”

“My daddy will teach me.”

“At first I thought it was cute but then I started seeing how she really grasped some of it,’ her father said.

“After a while it became something we did together. We would go through lessons and she would pretend to teach me, and that’s how we learned.

“It’s one of the things she does for playtime now. She will put on a lab coat and run to the lab and do all the stuff she wants.”

“If you scratch out the science stuff, I’m actually pretty normal,” the 8-year-old genius said while advising students at the summit this January: “They should act on their potential, and if there’s something that you really like you should act on it.”

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