Sacramento Woman Celebrates 102nd Birthday At The Gym

Ida Wheeler, A Sacramento-area woman spent her 102nd birthday pumping iron at California Family Fitness. She exercises here about three times a week.

Wheeler often works out with her daughter and granddaughter. When it comes to living a long life, she shared a simple tips.

“Just work, and plenty of rest and no drinking,” Wheeler said. “You have to have plenty of rest, and a good meal — breakfast if nothing else.”

Wheeler has been working out with her daughter since they started in the 1970s.

Shirley Rodgers, Ida Wheeler’s granddaughter, said her grandmother stays sharp by cooking her own meals, staying physically active and reading the news every day.

“She is definitely an inspiration,” Rodgers said. “She is truly amazing, and I’m so proud of her being 102 and working out.”

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