Rapper Juicy J Sorry For Pushing Drug Culture: ‘If I Inspired Anybody To Do Drugs I Apologize’

“Bands a Make Her Dance” artist and Three 6 Mafia member, Juicy J showed remorse for possibly setting a bad example for and and apologized for ever making drugs seem cool. Juicy J shared his apology via Twitter.

“If I inspired anybody to do drugs I apologize,” the rapper stated.

Three 6 Mafia’s biggest songs were “Sippin’ on Some Syrup” and “Roll With It” that features lyrics about substance use and abuse.

I think this is a good turn in Hip Hop. Artists are starting to hold themselves accountable for the music they share with their fans. This trend needs to continue if we want true change in our youth. We’ve lost far too many people to drugs and alcohol abuse. Shouts to Juicy J for his apology. Which rapper is next?

Written by Khristopher Phillips from BlackCultureNews.

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