Paula Patton Set To Star As Josephine Baker In Upcoming Biopic

Hollywood is set to release another iconic figure biopic. And this time, it’s about decorated singer Josephine Baker. Whose going to play her role? Paula Patton. Paula has played a number of roles in her career, but this is probably one project she would really be looking forward to.

The new film is based on Josephine Baker’s life and career, captured in “Josephine Baker’s Last Dance,” a novel written by Sherry Jones. @HollywoodReporter disclosed that Paula’s already secured the novel’s film and television rights, with the actress set to star and produce an adaptation of the novel.

Who is Josephine Baker? A popular figure in the entertainment scene during her lifetime, Ms. Baker left the US for France in her 20s and eventually became a hit entertainer, capturing the praise of Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and other notable figures. She also played a role during the Second World War as an undercover agent and would spend the latter part of her life as a civil rights activist. Baker was a strong voice for the NAACP movement, and notably stood by Martin Luther King Jr. at the famous March in 1963.

Paula spoke about the upcoming project: “Josephine Baker had an incredible life and was a remarkable woman. It’s been a childhood dream of mine to play such an inspirational person and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to tell her story.”

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