Only 22 Years-Old and Already a NASA Engineer

Tiera Guinn, a 22 year old woman is already working for NASA as the Structural Rocket design and Analytical Engineer for a Space System that Boeing Company is constructing for NASA. Tiera says that the rocket part that she is in charge of analyzing and designing, will be among the very powerful and biggest in the history of rocket designs.

Guinn says that she has been aspiring to do aerospace engineering since she was a small girl, which seems to have led to her career trajectory. She chose school subjects perfectly and picked a high school that was best suited for her career advancement.

Soon, Guinn will be an MIT graduate with 5.0 points, which is an indication that she is headed for the right direction.

“You have to keep a clear focus on your dream and never let anybody stop you” Says Guinn. “No matter how long it takes or what you face in the process, keep moving on and in the end, you will succeed”

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