Ex-Felon Opens First Ever Black-Owned Barbershop Inside a Walmart

On Sept. 26, Shaun “Lucky” Corbett, a former felon, opened doors to the first “Da Lucky Spot Barbershop” in a Walmart store. Having endured a turbulent life early on his life, the 40-year-old Charlotte businessman decided to turn things around for good. Speaking to Charlotte Agenda, I want to open a Lucky Spot in every inner-city in America,” Corbett said. “I want it to be the standard of what community barbering is.” Corbett’s barbershop is the first black-owned and operated barbershop inside of a Walmart.

At the young age of just 12-years old, Shaun wasn’t really sure what to do with his life so he decided to make a living by selling drugs. Since then, he has had a long record of criminal charges. When he finally realized that he didn’t want to throw his life away, finding an honest job became a challenge as a former felon until he got a job at a local grocery store.

He did manage to nail an interview after leaving the criminal history box blank, but later confessed of his past during the interview. Rewarded with his honesty, the hiring manager gave him the job. Corbett would go on to work at his new position for more than 2 years, before moving to Family Dollar. With the dream of owning his own barber shop, he signed up at the No Grease barber school.

Corbett graduated and eventually became a full-time barber in 2006. He’d go on to buy a barbershop, and has now managed to set up the first black-owned barbershop at Walmart. Understanding his past, Corbett looks forward to a bigger future. “You’re going to be somewhere in Toledo, Ohio, and you’re gonna walk by and be like, ‘Man I was at the ribbon-cutting for the first one,’” he dreams. “But when you see that Lucky Spot Barbershop inside of Walmart, you’re going to know it’s going to have free tutoring, we’re gonna do bookbag drives, we’re gonna do Thanksgiving feedings, we’re gonna do turkey drives. We’re gonna do free haircuts, countless free haircuts.“Every time that you see that name and that logo inside of Walmart you’re going to know what it stands for.” He added.

For more information about Da Lucky Spot Barbershop, visit www.daluckyspotbarbershop.infoor visit the shop at the Walmart Supercenter located at 3240 Wilkinson Boulevard in Charlotte, NC.

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