80-year-old woman fulfills dream, graduates from Alabama A&M University

80-year old Donzella Washington graduated from Alabama A&M University Friday. Her story is truly inspirational.

Washington was on a journey to accomplish a lifelong goal inspiring others to stop settling and never stop working to achieve their goals.

“When I began this journey it was just because I wanted to go back to school, it was something I wanted to accomplish,” Washington said. “So at this moment it’s just overwhelming you know, the attention.”

“Learning is just really fun,” says Washington.

Washington set her eye on a social work degree after her husband died, she also wanted to be with her daughter. She got a scholarship and the rest is history.

“I want to inspire young people and even adults, to let them know that age, because I’m 80, but I don’t know what 80 really feels like,” said Washington. “It’s never too late. You have a dream, please finish that dream. You can do it. You just have to believe in yourself.”

“She is such a great example of commitment and strength and perseverance and dedication and compassion and passion, she exhibits all that,” said Washington’s daughter Kimberly Washington. “That’s what I learned most is to really show love and appreciation, and have fun with those that you love the most. So I’m just glad that she’s reached her goal and has let me experience this time with her.”

In her thirties she took speech classes at a college to overcome severe stuttering. She did a great job and signed up for more classes.

“I feel like with the help of God who has brought me this far, that I will be able to accomplish and obtain my master’s degree,” she said.

Washington graduated magna cum laude and plans to volunteer in places like nursing homes. She and her husband have also fostered around 30 children.

Her story is truly inspirational.

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