11-year-old invents backpack to help stop school bullying

According to Fox 5, Makai Samuels-Paige, an 11-year-old boy invented a backpack created to help put an end to bullying in schools.

Makai himself was a victim of bullying, he was physically bullied and made fun of for his height.

“I’m not one of the tallest sixth-graders,” said Samuels-Paige. “I’m one of the shorter ones, so when I get picked on, it just makes me feel like I’m nothing, and I wanted to change that.”

That’s when Makai created the “Anti-Bullying Backpack.”

This device has two cameras, WiFi, GPS and a walkie-talkie system that notifies parents when a recording starts.

“Maybe when somebody’s bullying me, I just point to the camera like, ‘Back off,” Makai told Fox 5. “With the bully backpack, don’t fight back, you’ve got your proof right here.”

He hopes to begin producing it soon and even patented the design. Makai is currently seeking investors to help with the process.

Makai is no stranger to inventing and has a host of inventions including his own hovercraft and lawnmower.

To donate to Makai’s projects, click here.

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