Black Mom Was Allegedly Told Her Daughter Died After Birth. But The Baby Was Secretly Adopted By White Parents

The woman gave birth at home in Minnesota in 2017 and was rushed to a hospital for treatment where they told her the baby died.

In one of the strangest stories of our times, a Black mother from Minnesota has alleged the hospital, which helped facilitate the birth, lied to her about her baby dying. More infuriating is the fact that the baby was allegedly given for adoption to a white couple. The woman named Damea Morris, found out that her daughter was grown up and living with the couple. Morris shared her story on Facebook this week, which became viral.

According to screenshots of her Facebook post that was shared by on Twitter, Morris gave birth on September 6, 2017, to a girl at home. According to a Daily Dot report, Morris said the father of the kid went to fetch help and came home with another woman. The woman helped her until the paramedics arrived, who then took her to St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. Morris was apparently told by the woman, who was not a doctor, that the child could not be breastfed since she wasn’t breathing.

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