Brazilian cop stood on black woman’s neck in horrifying incident caught on video

Two cops in Brazil have been suspended after a disturbing video showed one of them standing on a black woman’s neck, according to reports.

São Paulo Governor João Doria mentioned that the cops would be investigated Monday after the woman, a 51-year-old owner of a bar, suffered a broken neck, the BBC and the Daily Mail reported.

Footage recently surfaced of one of the cops pressing his boot into her neck in Parelheiros on May 30.

The woman, who was not identified, said she had been trying to intervene in a tussle between the two cops and her friend, the Daily Mail reported.

But after asking cops to stop hitting her pal, she became involved in a struggle with one of the officers.

“The more I struggled, the more he [cop] tightened the boot around my neck,” said the woman, according to the Daily Mail.

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