Book Of The Week Trials and Triumph By John Dugue

This week we want to highlight a book by John Dugue called “Trials and Triumph“.

“My life is based on experience family growing up, and also just me figuring out what to do along the way it also, by the way, taught me to be the man that I am today. also, trials Triumph and eventual tribulation are where I stand today.”

We all have trials tribulations and eventually Triumph in our lives. It all starts from the past that we can trace back to our childhood and eventually throughout our adult life where we can see the upbringing I’m also the mistakes and the eventual decisions either right or wrong that we stood by.

It is the reflection of these actions, these decisions, and the collective mindset and perspectives and each of Our Lives that guide us to where we are today. I hope this book can be a reflection of what you have been through and you can enrol on this journey with me.

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