FedEx Driver Breaks Down In Tears After Allegedly Spit On & Called The N-Word During His Shift!

This FedEx driver wants you to know what it’s like to be black in America — and the horrific treatment he got while simply doing his job, brought him to tears.

The driver is 23-year-old Brandon Brackins, and he says while making deliveries this week in rural Ohio, some “hick” sped around him as he was taking packages out of his truck. He says the person nearly hit him, yelled “n***er” at him … and spit on him.

The absolutely dehumanizing experience left Brandon sobbing, and he immediately went live on Facebook to recount it. He wondered out loud, “What the fk is the point of all of this protest st if it don’t work?!”

He added, “Racism is alive. If any of you ever had to go through that s**t firsthand” … before trailing off.

His whole testimonial is incredibly powerful, as is the point he’s making here. If the country is really serious about finally tackling racism … then it needs to know what it’s like to live with it daily.

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