Meet Jeremiah Tshimanga Of Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems In Redondo

Jeremiah came to America at age 4 from Congo and was with his mother, older brother, and father. He left his abusive father at age 7 then went from living in a car to sleeping in gas station restrooms to 6 homeless shelters, 2 women’s shelters, 5 foster homes, 3 orphanages and attended 8 schools and somehow made it high school then decided to get involved with Football and received over 30 scholarship offers from nations best schools. He chose Oklahoma state University at age 17. People asked why OSU? Little do they know he was just happy to go to college. When he was 12 he saw myself dead or in jail by age 17.

Statistically, they say Only 50% of foster kids will receive a high school diploma and Only 10% of former foster youth will attend college and, of that 10%, only 3% will graduate. At graduation day he held his diploma up and said, this goes to every kid battling depression and survived abuse. This goes out to all the kids in foster care and orphanages. This goes out to my friends incarcerated and deceased. This goes out to every hard-working American! Follow this man for daily inspiration @Tshimanga369

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