Footage Showing Ahmaud Arbery Walking Into A Construction Site & Running Off Minutes Before He Was Killed!

Uploaded May 10, 2020

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has confirmed it is investigating additional video footage in the Ahmaud Arbery case. Arbery, 25, was out jogging in Brunswick on February 23, before he was shot dead by father and son Gregory and Travis McMichael, who had trailed him in a white pick-up truck.

The new video, which appears to have been taken by a home security camera shortly before the shooting, shows a man believed to be Arbery entering into the garage of a property under construction.

The McMichaels have claimed they followed Arbery in their pick-up truck because they believed he was a burglary suspect. But while the new video could complicate the narrative that Arbery was simply out jogging in the neighbourhood, prosecutor Manny Arora told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that entry onto a construction site is not necessarily a crime if nothing is stolen.

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    1. What the brother did, going into or around an empty/under construction home, is something I’ve done many times. I often would get off work in the mornings or evenings, cruise around neighborhoods looking for homes for rent or for sale, then walk around to get an idea of the layout was. I peep through windows, and sometimes have gone inside when the doors were left unlocked.

    2. Whew, I do this all the time…I call it window shopping for homes. Some call it being nosey….I just did this to a house for sale and went all in the backyard and stuff too as I was looking in the windows!

    3. What if he was being tailed, realized it and went into the construction site to see if they would go away because he remembered what happened to Trayvon Martin? We as black people are always taught to be aware of our surroundings and keep survival in the front of our minds at all times.

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