“Everybody Dying In This Bxtch” Prison Inmate Asks For Prayers During Coronavirus

An Inmate posted a video online talking about what is happening behind bars and what’s not spoken in the media. Inmates say it was all good a couple of days ago then all of a sudden out of the blue people started dying and leaving them in there to die.

And they cant social distance because they are stuck in a small jail cell with inmates right next to him. All jail officers have done is give them masks and said good luck!. Jail Officers just come in and take out the people who died and move on.

An inmate is scared and really paranoid and everything is very serious and he is scared that he might be next to die. The inmates that do have coronavirus are not being removed from the cell so they are spreading all the virus around and no one is doing anything about it.

What do you think?

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  1. It’s very sad. I have a loved one in prison that’s going through the same thing and nobody seems to want to do anything about it. I really breaks my heart and I’m trying to do everything I can can to get the word out without jeopardizing my loved one.

  2. I’ve heard the same thing. The media isn’t getting a true picture of what’s really going on. I understand that some of the officers are making light of the issue…walking around coughing w/out covering their mouth then saying “corona”. That’s very wrong and bs. People are people regardless of Thierry CURRENT situation. This shyt is crazy!!!

  3. Not all inmates are murderers or pedophiles and deserve to die! Some are in there because of a rogue cop, jealous female, petty theft, etc. They should not be left to die! No cough meds, inhalers, nothing!! May all the Correction officers and wardens that take part in this….see the prisoner’s side 1st hand!!!

  4. some are in there awaiting trial innocent until proven guilty. these people were not given a death sentence release those who can be released these people have no way to speak out because no one cares enough to listen but I do care and will continue to fight for mine

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