Bhad Bhabie Reacts to People Accusing Her of Darkening Her Skin

Bhad Bhabbie aka Danielle Bregoli is under criticism again after she posted a video with her skin appearing to be darker.

People on IG quickly responded negatively to the 17-year-old video she posted.

As soon as the videos began to go viral, trending on Twitter and creating debates in the comments on Instagram, Bhad Bhabie posted a follow-up. “Ion even need no wig,” she said in the description of another video. 

Now she’s acknowledged the reaction to the videos on her Instagram Stories, although she didn’t directly respond to accusations of cultural appropriation. First she reposted a photo that joked her “transformation into a lightskinned black woman is almost complete,” then she simply said, “Aww I’m trending, thank you.”

On Twitter, the reactions to the videos have been overwhelmingly negative, with many expressing disbelief she’s even the same person behind “Hi Bich.”


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