19 Year-Old Honors Student will be Graduating from Clark Atlanta University 2 Years Early

Ronald McCullough 

Meet Ronald McCullough, at just 19 years-old he’ll be graduating college in less than a month with a Bachelors of Art in Biology from Clark Atlanta University. His goal is to become an astronaut. After graduation, McCullough plans to enroll in North Carolina A&T State University’s biological and agricultural engineering program. His vision is clear and he has worked hard to ensure his success.

McCullough talked about how his classmate referred to him as a genius but instead his parents expected a lot from him and rose to the occasion. “I would not consider myself a genius. I was placed in a setting for my love of learning to manifest. Much was expected of me and there was little room for disappointment.” from an interview from Fox News 5 Atlanta.

He worked hard, harder than most which yielded the results he has now. A lot of people would like to think that over achievers and hard workers have an upper hand because they’re “geniuses” but like McCullough said a lot was expected from him. You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room, you have to be willing to put in some sweat equity.

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