Three Sisters Open Buffalo’s First Black Women-Owned Beauty Store

If you didn’t know, Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the nation. They face many obstacles and barriers seeking funding but despite it all, Black women are still making moves like we’ve never seen before in history. According to Black Enterprise, a trio of sisters opened the first Black women-owned beauty store in their hometown of Buffalo, New York.

Meet Lauren Jackson, Brianna Lannie and Danielle Jackson, the sisters that founded The Hair Hive four years ago after noticing the lack of access to products for Black hair. With the support of the Westminster Economic Development Initiative—a nonprofit organization that focuses on education, economic development and community building in Buffalo—they opened the doors to their business on March 7, a day before International Women’s Day.

“Beauty supply stores are a billion-dollar industry. We are the number one consumer. As African American women we only own seven percent of that industry,” Lauren said in a statement. “Every dollar that people spend in our store goes back to our community, and we want them to know that to support us is supporting yourselves and your surrounding area and we want them to shop with us.” The sisters say their entrepreneurial journey is about increasing the representation of Black women in the beauty industry and they hope their historic milestone inspires others.

This is Black Girl Magic!

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