This 99-Year-Old Great-Grandma Has Yet To Retire And Might Exercise More Than You

Photo Credit: WUSA 9 / Peggy Fox

This 99-year-old great-grandmother from Virginia continuously inspires her community with her zest for life.

Hattie Louise Jones drives and exercises daily. and can run you for your money on the dance floor.

Hattie Louise Jones encourages her Arlington neighborhood with her dedication to exercise, work and her love for life, WUSA 9 reports.

Jones says she began her job as an Army Navy Country Club coat check after she retired from her position at IBM over 40 years ago.

The mother of three drives herself to the club every weekday and works out on a daily basis; she also reportedly has the flexibility to prove it.

“I just bring them over my head and touch the wall,” explained Jones who also loves to dance.

Born in 1919, Jones completed high school in Ithaca, New York in the late 1930s. However, her general manager Pat King attests that she’s far from done learning or teaching others.

“She has more energy than somebody half her age. She’s unbelievable,” said King. “I don’t what the secret sauce is, but I want some of it.”

Jones’ family even shared that they have video footage of their matriarch “shaking her booty” at her birthday celebration last year.

“She has a character that will not allow giving up,” said Clarence McGill, Jones’ youngest son. He attributes his mother’s youthful spirit to her enthusiasm to just get out and get things done.

Jones’ marital status is unknown. However, her 69-year-old son told a reporter that although he just retired, he is
following her blueprint by continuing employment and pursuing other passions.

“She’s very sassy,” McGill stated before adding “it’s impossible” to duplicate her energy.

She’ll be 100 this year.

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