Best friends in Philadelphia learn they are sisters after 17 years

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“It was just God’s work, man,” said Kenneth Wimberly, who just learned he has another daughter.

This story takes us back 17 years to Sulzberger Middle School in Philadelphia. A 6th-grader, Ashley Thomas, would practice stylizing hair on her new best friend, Toya Wimberly.

Plenty of people said the duo from West Philly looked and acted like sisters. They grew up feeling that way, too.

About 15 years ago, Ashely found out her day, Mike wasn’t her biological father. Mike was still around to take care of Ashley.

Ashley’s late mother’s best friend recognized him as someone they used to hang out with. Kenneth remembered the women and started lining up the pieces.

Afterwards, they decided to conduct a DNA test. Test results came back and both Ashley and Toya are both daughters of Kenneth Wimberly.

Both are up having high cheekbones and having huge gaps in their front teeth. And get this, they both are currently wearing braces.

Both girls are entrepreneurs who both started their own businesses.

Toya owns a children’s transportation company, Global Rides Transportation, while Ashley created Hot Headz Hair Studio.

Wow, what a story!

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