North Carolina Campus Cop Fired After Body Slamming Middle Schooler.

In North Carolina, A campus resource officer is fired after he was caught on camera physically abusing a middle school student, slamming him into the ground twice.

It was confirmed by The Vance County Sheriff’s Office that the unarmed deputy assigned to Vance County Middle School in Henderson, NC was fired. He was placed on administrative leave last week as an investigation followed.

As the footage of this violent incident surfaced, the school district filed a complaint with the Sheriff’s Office. The resource officer is seen walking down a hallway with the student and then abruptly slamming the child into the ground and dragging him like a rag doll.

What happen next is very disturbing as the deputy drags the seemingly unconscious child through the hall.

We’re not sure what provoked this incident but it doesn’t matter. No child should be treated this way.

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