Jerry Issa Mallo: 25-Year-Old Manufactures Nigeria’s First “Carbon Fiber” Sports Car

Jerry Isaac Mallo, a 25-year-old fabricator, shatters record as he made Nigeria’s first carbon fiber sports car named Bennie Purrie

This car has four radiators, the car’s cooling system is top-notch, offering needed comfort no matter the temperature.

Nigerians are always pushing the envelope for great success.

In a recent interview on Friday, November 29th, he said that his inspiration to create sports cars was from the fact that Nigeria has a big market for luxury vehicles.

“ In Europe, we learned that making the car is just half the challenge, and selling it is the other hand; Africa is usually the target place to sell these vehicles, so I feel there’s a big market for it here, “ he said.

Although materials he used were sourced from the continent, he lamented that luxury cars are rarely made in Africa.

He also said that having a lot of hand-skilled people in Nigeria without help challenged him to create a platform for them to show what they could do.

What makes his innovation, Bennie Purrie, different, according to the fabricator, is that it is from the fibers that break like bottles on impact.

That is unlike aluminum or galvanized sheet where people are mashed in during accidents. With four radiators, the car’s cooling system gives comfort regardless of temperature.

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