Introducing a New Black-Owned Line of Ready-to-Bake Frozen Cookie Dough

Megan Mottley, a mother, baker, and entrepreneur from Memphis, Tennessee, has recently launched her line of Goodness Gracious Luxe Cookies frozen cookie dough at a grocery store in her hometown. The cookie dough is ready-to-bake, has no preservatives, and has the same taste as her delicious homemade, freshly-baked cookies!

Mottley has always had an admiration for baking since she was a teenager. So when her daughter asked her if she could go on a mission trip to Japan, she imagined she could use her baking skills to raise some money for her daughter’s trip. At that point, she started baking and selling cookies to her family and friends.

Originally her goal was to raise just $3,500 for her daughter’s trip to Japan, but her cookies became an instantaneous hit and created multiple repeat orders. A word about her cookies spread fast and it also became viral on social media that in under 8 weeks, she and her daughter already raised $5000.

Since then, Megan decided to take on the cookie business she aptly named Goodness Gracious Luxe Cookies. Her homemade cookies became available at pop-up events and local farmers’ markets, and for delivery all over Memphis and the Mid-South.

Leslie Schutt, co-owner of The Curb Market and Winchester Farm, noticed her cookies and reached out to her about carrying her cookies at their store in Crosstown Concourse. But because Megan’s freshly-baked cookies have no preservatives and only have a two-day shelf-life, they thought it would be more profitable to launch a line of frozen cookie dough.

Once baked, the cookies are as chewy and yummy as her original homemade cookies. The frozen cookie dough is now available in bags of 15 with chocolate chip flavor, but she hopes to also introduce other flavors eventually.

For more information about Goodness Gracious Luxe Cookies or to order online, visit

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